the humanoid skinwear system

The humanoid skinwear system is designed to make self-expression quick and easy for everyone and fulfill a revolutionary premise: Bold looks in 10 minutes or less. 

Our NFC-connected, multi-use products, hacktools, and app take down the barriers of time, inspiration, skills, and confidence so everyone can enjoy the benefits of being bolder!

virtual personal skinwear assistant

The humanoid app functions as your virtual personal skinwear assistant. You can find inspiration in any way that is relevant to you: how much time you have, your vibe, the colors you want to use, the part of your body you want to adorn, and more. You can try-on looks with the augmented reality filters and when ready to create the look IRL, the step-by-step tutorials that you control adapt to your skill level and pace. Everything is more fun when shared: the humanoid community brings further inspiration and connection.

removes the barriers to bolder looks in minutes


Hack time, skills and confidence with the humanoid hacktools stencils, dott, and tape. Our first of its kind, fully water dissolvable and biodegradable stencils make looks that used to take a steady hand and lots of practice quick and easy for all. 

Get a consistent look every time with dott. Dott makes creating perfect circles effortless and comes in five sizes, each with two ways to be used.

Unassuming but mighty, tape is a must-have in your hacktool toolbelt. Create precise, sharp lines and shapes with minimal effort.

skinwear formulas

humanoid skinwear products blend the arts of makeup, tattoo, and fashion into a new form of full-body expression. Our uniquely crafted formulas are developed to last through sweat, water, and multiple days of wear, meaning they can be used on any part of the body.

connected products

Our skinwear products let you instantly filter looks in the humanoid app. Simply tap your phone to the NFC tag to discover a variety of looks you can create using your products.